Tecore for Wireless Operators

Tecore’s innovative solutions offer Technology Beyond Wires by deploying fixed or portable implementations for every environment imaginable. The iCore® software-defined core network is the baseline for a family of solutions that deliver cost-efficient carrier-grade options to a wide range of markets worldwide. These markets can include, but are not limited to: Emerging Operators, Growing Mobile Operators, Service Providers, Oil and Gas, Mining, Rapid and Emergency Response Systems, Maritime/Shipping, and Specialized Mobile Networks.

The iCore can be deployed supporting 4G LTE technology, but can also provide the bridge from previous generations of technology including: 3G, HSPA+, and 2G GSM from a common base line. Providing upgrade paths to augment existing systems with a new technology and/or capacity allows Commercial networks to evolve from fallback technologies into an LTE-only infrastructure. While the majority of the LTE community remains focused on large networks and applications, Tecore, while following the same technology path, provides a solution that is sized, optimized and designed for use in Tier 2/3 markets, specialized applications, and multi-technology overlays.

Tecore’s product line evolution enables operators to future-proof networks through incremental upgrades with its unique design for servicing as few as 100 subscribers, or scalable to a million. By leveraging this unique network architecture to deliver broadband access to the edge, operators have increased functionality and revenue opportunities.