EXPO at RTIME attracts more than 2,200  key decision-makers, including CEOs, owners and general managers from independent, community-based broadband companies. The New Orleans show brings you more face-time opportunities and we hope to see you there!

Tecore Networks innovative solutions offer Technology Beyond Wires by deploying portable or fixed wireless implementations for every environment imaginable.  While our development road map is clearly focused on 5G, iCore® provides a common baseline to bridge from previous generations of technology.  Providing upgrade paths to augment existing systems with a new technology and/or capacity allows Commercial networks to evolve from fallback technologies into an LTE-only infrastructure. Tecore’s product line evolution enables operators to future-proof networks through incremental upgrades with its unique design for servicing as few as 100 subscribers, or scalable to a million. By leveraging this unique network architecture to deliver broadband access to the edge, operators have increased functionality and revenue opportunities.

With almost 30 years of experience, Tecore’s knowledgeable team of industry experts can assist in customizing a cost-effective solution geared for your rural network implementation.