Radio Access Network Products

Scalable Radio Access Network Solutions

Wireless operators are demanding greater packet data throughput to service data-hungry subscribers on their mobile devices and applications. Tecore’s comprehensive RAN portfolio includes FCC Certified Radios, Integrated Radio & Baseband Units, and Multi-Carrier Digital Units for in-building, localized and macro coverages. Available in high and low power configurations, Tecore RAN products are designed to support any deployment requirements, offering carrier-grade bandwidth, flexibility, and scalability while maximizing CAPEX/OPEX savings.


Remote Radio heads

Tecore’s CoreCell-RH (Radio Head) product family consists of the Meta Cell, Macro Cell & Small Cell, each with the capability to support multiple radio technologies.


Macro iDU

Integrated Radio & Baseband Unit

Tecore’s Macro iDU (Integrated Digital Unit) is a high-power radio and baseband unit in a single chassis, capable of supporting multi-sector deployments in multiple radio access technologies, and interoperable with any vendors radio heads and core network.

Key Benefits

Multi-Band, All G's Coverage
Multi-Carrier Ready
Indoor/Outdoor Installation Flexibility