Tecore's Radio Access Network


Wireless operators are demanding greater packet data throughput to service data hungry subscribers on their mobile devices and applications. The full line of CoreCell-RH (Radio Heads) is built to support scalability in power and capability that meets the deployment requirements of today’s networks. Available in high powered 40W 4×4 MIMO configuration as well as 250mW systems designed for in-building and localized coverage applications, the CoreCell-RH family of Radio Heads supports the right configuration for the site.

Tecore currently holds FCC certifications in LTE Bands B2, B5, B7, B41 as well as NB-IoT dedicated band support for Band 86. With focus on 5G, Tecore has added support for 5G NR bands in N2, N3, N5, N41, N66, N71 and in N78. Additional bands can be supported upon request.

CBRS - The Future of Spectrum Sharing

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is enabling a new way to approach radio spectrum sharing with its efficiency, low-cost, rapid access, capacity and security/reliability. For both small and large indoor or outdoor deployments, CBRS allows operators and enterprises to expand their existing services, or new entrants to go to market with unique and innovative solutions.

As a Priority Access License (PAL) winner, Tecore is aware of the challenges that accompany a CBRS deployment.  Tecore CBSD’s are OnGo certified and Part-96 compliant, and our 29 years of experience providing Core to Edge support allows customers to leverage Tecore’s All-G patented iCore technology that provides the EPC functionality for a comprehensive CBRS solution.

Highlights of Tecore’s CBRS Solutions are:

  • Cost effective, scalable
  • Operational Ease of Use
  • Hardware agnostic and interoperability with multiple vendors

Whether you are an Enterprise or Operator, CBRS spectrum sharing has broadened the capability of supporting new use cases and applications.

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Tecore's CoreCell Options

CoreCell-M Multi-RAT

The CoreCell-M Multi-Radio Access Technology (MRAT) supports the delivery of the multiple generations of wireless within the same band.

CoreCell-E LTE

Tecore Networks CoreCell-E provides a radio access node for User Equipment (UEs) connecting to a 4G LTE network.

CoreCell-B UMTS

Tecore offers rural, government and specialized network operators a powerful UMTS NodeB with dramatically reduced footprint and all-IP connectivity, allowing them to extend the edges of their networks.

CoreCell-G GSM

The CoreCell-G GSM RAN is designed specifically for fast deployment and cost-effective capacity and coverage for voice and data.