Trusted, Secured Communications

Tecore provides Safe, Trusted, Secure Communications for controlled enterprises and essential private networks. Today’s government and military infrastructures are relying on commercial wireless technology as a component of their communications backbone. While the lure of COTS technology is tempting, the need to provide secure, reliable communications on dedicated infrastructure is vital to the successful incorporation of the technology into everyday operations.

As the leader in next generation deployable wireless infrastructure, Tecore has the capability to support our government’s most critical communications challenges.  Our iCore® software-defined core network is the baseline for our wide family of solutions capable of supporting requirements from large scale military enterprise solutions to local first responders.

With the ever-present threat of cyber-attack, Tecore delivers proven countermeasures and technology solutions that implement the security profiles and capabilities necessary to meet and exceed the requirements to bring smartphone technology to the government and military environment. Although carriers have built-out more coverage and capacity to address requirements in their spectrum licenses, little has been done to carve out restricted areas and provide a method of limiting service. Tecore has addressed the need to only allow permitted devices to use wireless service in the target area with its iNACTM Managed Access Technology  Secure communications has a variety of applications including, but not limited to, correctional facilities, military deployments, embassies, and secure government buildings.