LTE Network in a Box®

LTE Network in a Box®

All-in-One Network Solution

Tecore’s multi-technology LTE Network in a Box® (NIB), known as LTE in a Box™ (LTE NIB) is the industry’s first all-in-one, multi-technology, transportable and ready-in-minutes network solution capable of supporting an LTE Core Network, in addition to IMS-Core EnodeB. By delivering multiple access technologies and streamlining the network through an IP-based architecture, it provides operators with the most compact, adaptable, and cost-effective platform for deploying, extending, and evolving their networks.

Tecore has incorporated over 25 years of industry leadership in scalable wireless systems into the design of the LTE NIB architecture. The LTE NIB leverages the patented iCore portfolio of 3GPP-compliant software-defined core network elements, available as a completely integrated core or as individual elements capable of supporting network scalability across multiple locations. The eNodeB delivers the 3GPP-compliant access portion of the network. The robust capability set, compact form factor, and cost-effectiveness of the LTE NIB enables a broad range of deployment scenarios for remote and rural operators, larger operators, emergency management, armed forces or peacekeeping missions, and mobile communications networks in transit. The LTE NIB leverages Tecore’s patented multi-technology architecture of the iCore and provides voice, text, and packet data services through standards-based network elements developed to relevant 3GPP standards.

Residing in the LTE NIB is a virtual machine (VM) that can be integrated with Tecore’s Base Band Unit (BBU). This nodal component of the Evolved UMTS Radio Access Network (e-UTRAN) provides a seamless LTE network solution. These enhanced techniques translate into better quality of service, higher bit rates for packet data-intensive applications, and an evolution path for existing networks, as well as greenfield 4G LTE network deployments. With a flexible architecture supporting network function virtualization and scalability from fewer than 100 to tens of thousands of mobile subscribers, the LTE NIB can be deployed cost-effectively to meet the customer requirements in multiple deployment scenarios.

The LTE NIB is a robust all-in-one integrated solution (Core Network and RAN), enabling comprehensive management and operations of network, and has been successfully deployed in commercial, government, and private networks on a global scale.


Feature Capabilities

Voice (VoLTE)
Voice Over IP (VoIP/SIP)
Push-to-Talk (PTT)
IP Data
Self-Organizing Network (SON)
Multimedia Broadcast Multieast Service (eMBMS)
Commerical Mobile Alert System (CMAS)
Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Service (ETWS)
View Live Camera Feed
View Real-time Sensor Data
Integrate with C4ISR and Situational Awareness Platform
Emergency Location Capabilities

Integrated Functional Capabilities

MME/SAE Gateway

Capacity Data

Active Users-Scalable up to 1,000 SAU per baseband unit
Downlink Peak L1 Throughput-150 Mbps with 2×2 MIMO in 20 MHz bandwidth
Uplink Peak L1 Throughput-75 Mbps with 2×2 MIMO in 20 MHz bandwidth

Interface Data

OAM via CPRI or 10GbE
Fiber Links-3 CPRI

Environmental Data

Relative Humidity- +8% to +100%
Options- Standard and Milspec
Operating Temperature- 23-113°F

SIM Cards
Ruggedized Laptop