Intelligent Network – Service Control Function (IN-SCF)

Intelligent Network – Service Control Function (IN-SCF)

The Intelligent Network (IN) platform enables GSM and UMTS operators to develop unique value-added services to attract and retain subscribers and generate incremental revenue. Compliant with 3GPP CAMEL specifications, the iCore Intelligent Network –  Service Control Function (IN-SCF) provides the necessary logic to implement services, communicate with switches external to the network to support a uniform subscriber experience while roaming, and ultimately enables a consistent feature set between mobile and wireline networks.

The IN-SCF can be deployed on a standalone basis, on a carrier-grade platform, as part of a macro network. It can also be integrated into a complete, multi-technology iCore network from Tecore, allowing operators to reap revenues from unique, innovative value-added services.

Prepaid and Other Value-Added Service for Commercial Carriers

The iCore IN-SCF supports Tecore’s popular prepaid feature set, but is also the foundation for a range of operator-defined services including but not limited to:

  • Complex call routing
  • Location-based services
  • Virtual private networks
  • Call screening
  • Telephone number portability
  • Mobile banking
  • Televoting
  • Universal telephone number
  • Toll-free calls/freephone
  • Broadcast calling

Software Specifications - Prepaid Functionalities

  • Balance threshold
  • Low balance warning
  • Zero/Low balance cutoff
  • Top-up/Recharge IVR
  • Balance announcement IVR
  • USSD Top-up/recharge (includes alternate account recharge)
  • USSD balance transfer
  • USSD balance inquiry
  • Monthly, periodic, per-call, tax charges
  • Balance expiration (includes dynamic recharge expiration)
  • SMS balance notification
  • Free inbound/outbound minutes
  • Free/not free based on dialed number (call type)
  • Charge from start or from connect (unanswered international calls)
  • Suspended caller routes to support
  • Individual calling cards have associated billing method
  • New features
  • Roaming prepaid
  • Real time period-by-period debiting
  • Destination-based rating for air, land, SMS
  • Origin/location-based rating for air, land, SMS
  • Per-subscriber/account day-of-year rate multipliers
  • Peak/off-peak rates for air, land, SMS
  • Individual service charges have associated dates
  • Dialed number can be free land, chargeable air or vice versa
  • Encrypted debit/scratch cards have a unique control number different from card number

Standards Compliance

  • CAMEL Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4


  • IN-SCF to SSF: CAP

Configuration and OA&M

  • SCF will generate CDRs for IN subscribers roaming off-network
  • For all IN calls, the SCF will generate IN-specific and service-specific data for inclusion in CDRs
  • Use of intuitive GUIs for local and remote system management
  • System-wide performance/alarm logs, traffic CDRs and CAMEL-specific operational measurements

Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with 3GPP CAMEL specifications
  • Supports roaming with other CAMEL networks
  • Available on standalone basis or integrated with a complete iCore network
  • Wide range of prepaid service options
  • Platform to develop unique value-added services including complex routing and location-based

Product Offering

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