iCore® UMSC/MSC/VLR Switching Platform

iCore® UMSC/MSC/VLR Switching Platform

GSM/3G Multi-Technology Switching Platform

The iCore® Universal Mobile Switching Center/Mobile Switching Center/Visitor Location Register (UMSC/MSC/VLR) is the world’s first multi-technology distributed switching platform, available on a standalone basis or integrated within the complete iCore.

This platform delivers a scalable switching system for HSPA+ and GSM, enabling support for the most widely deployed mobile technologies so network operators can bridge evolving network investments. The common set of object code implements support for all protocols from a single converged platform. Utilizing a carrier-grade, high-availability Linux architecture, the iCore® UMSC/MSC/VLR provides a switching solution for million-subscriber markets as well as distributed scalability across any-sized market. With integrated media gateway and signaling gateway capabilities, and a choice of standalone or distributed configurations, the system offers an efficient path to convergent wireless technologies and a competitive technology roadmap for tomorrow’s markets.

The iCore® UMSC/MSC/VLR leverages Tecore’s track record of deploying GSM, 3G and multi-protocol networks around the globe, as well as its patented software-defined architecture guided by 3GPP/3GPP2 and IMS standards, to deliver the cornerstone of any-to any communication.

Government/Military Systems

The iCore UMSC/MSC/VLR is ideal for tactical and first responder systems where access to multiple radio access technologies, streamlined operation and mission-critical security features are essential. The UMSC/MSC/VLR can be integrated into a complete, multi-technology voice and data-capable mobile network contained in a single ruggedized case. With scalability based on standalone or integrated operations, this system is ideal for environments ranging from embassies to the battlefield.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise IT managers need a comprehensive platform to address the wide range of mobile devices accessing their network. They have few options that will support all major access technologies in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. In the iCore UMSC/MSC/VLR they can find an unmatched combination of protocols, feature set and enterprise-class form factor.



System Capabilities

  • Wireless Multi-Technology
  • Multi-Generation Support
  • Media Gateway Function
  • SIGTRAN/SS7 Signaling Gateway
  • SIP Gateway Trunking
  • Wireless VoIP Codec Support
  • Peer to Peer IP Switching
  • Localized Call Routing
  • Multi MCC/MNC
  • Multi-IMSI

Subscriber Capabilities

  • Call Forwarding Feature Pack
  • Calling Line Feature Pack
  • Multi-Party Feature Pack
  • Call Barring Feature Pack
  • Operator Determined Barring Feature Pack

Security Algorithms Capabilities

  • GSM Algorithm Security Pack
  • CDMA Authentication Algorithm Security Pack

Vocoders Capabilities

  • G.711 PCM (mu/A-Law) at 64 Kbps
  • G.729B CS-ACELP at 8 kbps
  • GSM 6.10 Full Rate at 13.2 kbps
  • EVRC at 4.0 kbps and 8.55 kbps
  • AMR at 4.75-12.2 kpbs
  • All vocoders are supported with: bundling, VAD, transcoder free operation (TrFO) and tandem free operation (TFO)

Operating System Capabilities

  • Linux-based processing

Multi-National Regulatory Feature Set

  • Intercept/Monitoring
  • Emergency Location Services
  • Number Portability

Network Capabilities

  • MME/SAE Gateway
  • AuC/AC/AAA
  • Prepaid Gateway
  • RNC

Features and Benefits

  • Support for HSPA+ and GSM from common object code
  • Supports up to 1 million BHCA and 1,000 SS7 transactions per second
  • Full suite of call control and routing capabilities
  • Complete signaling capabilities for integration with PLMN, PSTN, IP, and satellite networks
  • A wide range of vocoders on software-based DSPs
  • Security features including the major standards- based algorithms
  • 64-bit Linux-based processing, running on an Intel off-the-shelf blade, supporting a wide range of hardware options