iCore® Network in a Box®

Adaptable, Rapidly Deployable 4G LTE Networks Delivering Mission Critical Communications to the Tactical Edge

Tecore’s iCore ® Network in a Box ®(NIB) is the industry’s first all-in-one, transportable and ready-in-minutes network solution. The all-in-one portable integrated hardware and software box is capable of supporting an LTE Core Network, IMS-Core in addition to an eNodeB and Remote Radio Head (RRH).
The iCore NIB provides highly operational availability through continued LTE coverage in a small, compact, portable form factor to meet critical public safety needs when backhaul connection to the Macro EPC is lost. A number of broad deployment scenarios include extreme disaster, special rescue missions, emergency management, armed forces, peace keeping missions and mobile communications networks in transit.
Tecore has incorporated almost 30 years of industry leadership in scalable wireless systems into the design of the iCore NIB architecture. The iCore NIB leverages the patented iCore portfolio of 3GPP-compliant software-defined core network elements and E-UTRAN 3GPP compliant access portion of the network.
The iCore NIB provides voice, text, video and packet data services through standards based network elements developed to relevant 3GPP standards.
Residing in the iCore NIB are Virtual Machines (VM) that include Network Core, IMS-Core, Base Band Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Head (RRH) elements. This nodal component of the Evolved UMTS Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN) provides a seamless LTE network solution. These enhanced integrated techniques translate into better quality of service and higher bit rates for packet data-intensive applications in addition to being lighter in weight.
With this flexible architecture supporting network functions virtualization, the iCore NIB can be deployed quickly to meet the operator’s requirements in broad deployment scenarios.
The iCore NIB is a robust all-in-one integrated solution enabling comprehensive management and operations of network and has been successfully deployed in commercial, government, and private networks on a global basis.