CoreCell-E LTE eNodeB

CoreCell-E LTE eNodeB

Tecore Networks CoreCell-E provides a radio access node for User Equipment (UEs) connecting to a 4G LTE network. The CoreCell-E is a nodal component of the Evolved UMTS Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN) and integrates seamlessly with Tecore’s 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) over an All-IP packet data network. This integration provides a complete LTE network solution for commercial, government, military, and emergency response applications. Wireless operators are demanding greater packet data throughput on their mobile devices and applications. Tecore’s CoreCell-E addresses these requirements by providing scalable bandwidth options, enhanced modulation techniques, and MIMO, allowing for more energy per bit and more bits per hertz. These enhanced techniques translate into better quality of service, higher bit rates for packet data-intensive applications, an evolution path for existing 2G and 3G networks as well as Greenfield 4G LTE network deployments.

Tecore’s CoreCell-E platform provides a highly scalable and modular platform that allows customers to build their networks up from one to hundreds of thousands of sites with a robust LTE feature set including 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO, 256DL/64UL QAM modulation, and flexible radio-head options to meet a wide variety of cellular coverage scenarios.

Small Cell
Micro Cell
Macro Site

Compact Design

With an impressive footprint, the CoreCell-E’s weight ranges from 11 to 26.4 pounds, including the uncompromising support of a rugged IP67 shell. The CoreCell-E is capable of delivering high-speed network access to provide vital information and extensive support for a variety of network requirements. By maximizing performance, Tecore has minimized tower loads and deployment time to meet strict operational requirements.

Frequency Support and Compliance

The CoreCell-E provides support for all 3GPP specified bands in both TDD and FDD technologies, including Band 14 for Emergency Response. If required for the scope of the network, additional bands can be customized into the end-to-end solution.  This wide range of frequency capabilities includes custom and unlicensed bands, allowing for easy deployments worldwide for a variety of applications.


The CoreCell-E is offered in three different power variants ranging from 1 to 40 watts. The number of sites and overall system size typically required for similar networks is vastly due to the high power output and extremely small form factor. In turn, this reduces overall system cost (CAPEX), as well as site acquisition, installation and maintenance costs, and network efficiency, which help maximize return on investment for operators.

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