CoreCell-B UMTS NodeB

CoreCell-B UMTS NodeB

Smartphone and multimedia applications are driving the market for mobile broadband services, helping carriers to grow revenue while putting networks to the test. Tecore offers rural, government and specialized network operators a powerful UMTS NodeB with dramatically reduced footprint and all-IP connectivity, allowing them to extend the edges of their networks into ever more remote — or moving — locations, and increasing the number of addressable users.

The CoreCell-B can be integrated with Tecore’s multi-technology, multi-generation iCore® in the industry’s smallest complete mobile broadband Network in a Box®. This platform has the capability to support revenue-generating commercial networks, mission-critical man-portable systems, onboard systems for land/sea/air transports, and private in-building networks.



RF Capabilities

  • UMTS Frequency Bands – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
  • Air Interface – WCDMA FDD 3GPP, Local Area Base Station Class
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -107 dBm (BER < 0.001)
  • Carrier – One carrier, 5 MHz
  • Output Power – Pico: 250 mW
    Mini: 40 W

Networking Capabilities

  • Transmission – 100/10 BASE-TX
  • RF Connector – Pico: 2 x QMA/Mini: 2 x N-Type
  • Local Management – RJ45
  • IP Security – Built-in VPN Client

Throughput Capabilities

  • HSDPA (peak) – 14.4 Mbps
  • HSUPA (peak) – 2.3 Mbps

Environmental Capabilities

  • Operating Temperature Range: -5°C to +45°C (23°F to 113°F)

Physical Capabilities

  • Dimensions Pico: 3.7” h x 16.9” w x 10.8” d
    Mini: 8.7” h x 19.0” w x 24.0” d
  • Weight Pico: 13.2 lb (6.0 kg)
    Mini: 37.5 lb (17.0 kg)

Features and Benefits

  • True Mobile Broadband – 3GPP HSPA+
  • IP Transmission for Deployment Flexibility and Scalability
  • Compact Size Ideal for Specialized and Transportable Networks
  • Compliant with 3GPP Rel. 6/7
  • HSPA+ 14.4/2.3
  • IP transmission enables more connectivity options, greater control of backhaul costs, and ubiquitous deployments
  • Compact size and enclosure allow flexibility in installation, including mounting on a wall or in a standard 19” telecommunications rack
  • Part of the Tecore product portfolio known for multi-technology, multi-generation support