RAVEN® 3G/4G LTE Network in a Box® (NIB)

RAVEN® 3G/4G LTE Network in a Box® (NIB)

Broadband Wireless Communications for Rapid Deployment

Tecore’s RAVEN® Platform delivers macro 3G/4G LTE wireless service for rapidly deployable communications for first responders. The RAVEN leverages a size-optimized all-IP based architecture, delivering the most compact, adaptable, and cost-effective rapid response platform. The highly portable, mobile platform is small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage on most airlines.

Tecore has incorporated over 25 years of industry leadership in scalable wireless systems into the design of the RAVEN architecture. It leverages the patented iCore portfolio of 3GPP compliant software-defined core network elements, available as a completely integrated core or as individual elements capable of supporting network scalability across multiple locations. The robust capability set, compact form factor, and cost effectiveness of the RAVEN enables a broad range of deployment scenarios for rapid deployment, emergency management, peacekeeping missions, and mobile communications networks in transit. The RAVEN is delivered in a size-optimized package, measuring at approximately 2 cubic feet.


Each RAVEN system is capable of supporting LTE and HSPA+ and provides voice, text, and packet data services for local users as a standalone system or as part of a larger communications network. Multiple RAVEN platforms can be networked together to provide end users with ubiquitous access from site-to-site, as well as accessing international voice calling services, the Internet, and social media locally or through a centralized gateway on a 3G/4G LTE network.




General Specifications

Available Technologies

  • 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+
  • 3G HSPA+

Feature Capabilities

  • Voice (VoLTE)
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Messaging
  • Push- to- Talk (PTT)
  • Internet
  • IP Data
  • Multimedia Broadcast Multieast Service (eMBMS)
  • Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS)
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Service (ETWS)
  • Prepaid Service

4G LTE Bands

  • All 3GPP Bands supported
    Band 14 for Public Safety

3G/4G Bands

  • UMTS – 1,2,3,4,5,8


  • Single (2.4 or 5)

Simultaneous Active Users

  • Up to 128

Provisioned Users

  • Up to 10,000

Maximum Throughput

  • 120 Mbps downlink
  • 45 Mbps uplink


  • 21.2 x 16 x 10.6 in


  • 60 lbs

Power Consumption

  • 600-800W

Power Input Options

  • 110/240VAC

Transmit Power

  • Up to 40W per port

Antenna Ports

  • N-Type; up to 2×2 MIMO

Color Options

  • Black, Green

Integrated Functional Capabilities

  • MME/SAE Gateway
  • RNC, NodeB, eNodeB
  • WiFi transceiver

Interface Capabilities

  • Integrated 3G/4G LTE WWAN/
  • WiFi Backhaul
  • Standards-based 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Standards-based SIP/VoIP/MAP

Frequency Band Capabilities (MHz)

  • UMTS Bands – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
  • All bands Supported
  • 802.11 2.4/5.8 A/B/G/N

RF Capabilities

  • Pico/Micro/Macro
  • Up to 40 Watts Output Power
  • Integrated GPS

Optional Accessories

  • SIM Cards
  • Handsets
  • Antennas
  • Ruggedized Laptop

Features and Benefits

  • Remote long range operations
  • Backhaul via any IP connected source
  • Operate as Standalone, Integrated, or Mesh Network
  • Full suite of voice services, text, and packet data services
  • Integrated 3G and 4G backhaul and WiFi hotspot
  • Connectivity with existing infrastructure
  • Integrated Push to Talk (PTT)
  • Utilizes Tecore’s patented iCore platform