Adaptable Wireless Solutions for Evolving Military Requirements

As today’s modern military moves to next generation communications in the field, the situational awareness enabled by delivering secured data and applications to the edge helps save lives.

Tecore delivers LTE Communications to the field with our trusted U.S.-manufactured tactical network solutions. Our mobile communications and ISR capabilities provide mission critical solutions at every tactical mile. Our proven track record of performance, enabled by our innovative iCore® software, has delivered success and allowed us to evolve across multiple generations and technologies.

Tecore’s dramatically reduced space and power requirements, installation time, and straightforward operation enables a broad range of deployment options.  From training to tactical deployments, our product portfolio enables scalability from a stand-alone, single all-in-one network deployment, to a multi network mesh operation. Tecore delivers highly innovative solutions to meet both current and future military requirements.

The Bring-Your-Own-Trusted-Device (BYOTD)TM platform, provided by Tecore’s products and solutions, allows for multi-agency and coalition forces to operate trusted devices without the traditional concerns associated with commercial networks. Device management is handled through Tecore’s patented iCore platform, a baseline in all Tecore products, and ensures user capabilities are granted without compromise to the mission network. In addition, Stovepipe Communications Security (COMSEC) consolidation and Self-Organizing Network (SON) features assist in signal jamming and secured communications in any environment.