Tecore for Correctional Institutions

Correctional institutions worldwide have realized that the traditional methods of preventing cellular communication capability from getting into the hands of convicted criminals, such as physical searches, metal detectors, video surveillance and so on, are becoming increasingly ineffective as the physical size of the devices shrink and covert delivery methods become more sophisticated.  Technological advances will continue to present new challenges to the preventive actions used to keep contraband apparatus from ever crossing the facility’s perimeter.

As the inventor and provider of Managed Access technology, Tecore Networks understands that cellular phone technology in the hands of prison inmates constitutes a major threat to correctional facility staff, inmates, and the public at large.  Tecore realized in 2007 that any wireless device possessed by an incarcerated criminal can be used as a tool for the initiation, continuation or escalation of illegal activity.  Leveraging its patented iCore platform, and 25+ years of experience as a supplier of commercial cellular network infrastructure, Tecore developed the Intelligent Network Access Controller (iNAC)™ – a breakthrough solution for addressing the issues of illegal cell phone access in a controlled area.

Our iNAC™ solution satisfies the concerns of correctional institutions, commercial cellular operators, government and industry associations and of course, the general public.  Serving the needs of each of these stakeholders required a comprehensive approach that balances effective control of communication access while operating as part of the wireless infrastructure fabric.