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We go beyond usual benefits, because our employees go above and beyond. We foster a high-performance culture which rewards innovation, collaboration and profitability. We help you thrive, both professionally and personally, by offering plenty of health and wellness benefits to support a positive work life balance.

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Common Questions

Changing Careers is exciting, yet at the same time can feel overwhelming. We strive to be transparent with you about our process and expectations to foster a relationship that invites collaboration and innovation.

All too often the hiring process seems mysterious, opaque and intimidating. It shouldn’t be. Here’s how it works at Tecore: First, simply apply for a specific position. If your skills and background match what we’re looking for, we’ll give you a call to set up an introductory conversation over the phone. If the chemistry feels right, an initial interview at our office would be the next step. That first meeting would most likely be followed by additional interviews, and possibly a presentation to the team. If everything clicks, an offer would then be extended as we welcome you to Tecore.

Make sure your resume is up to date and tailored to the role you’re applying for. Showcase your skills and past accomplishments as they are the building blocks of your career. Also, be sure to take the opportunity to learn more about what we do, browse our website to get a feeling of the exciting work that awaits you.

Tecore believes strongly in the talent of our highly skilled military service members and veterans. We encourage individuals with a military background to apply for positions posted on our website as part of our recruitment efforts. Like many of the members of our team, military applicants who apply for these positions are disciplined, hard working, risk-taking and results oriented.  Furthermore, we encourage spouses and family members of military members or veterans to apply.

Stay in touch with us via email Leave us a comment or question, and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

However, the best way to apply for an open position with Tecore is right here on our Careers Page. All our current openings are listed here for your convenience. Please note, due to the quantity of responses received for each job posting, a personal response to each candidate with further status updates will not be available. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we process your application. Your interest is greatly appreciated and we will contact you within two weeks if there is an appropriate match with an open position.

Tecore Networks offers a wide variety of benefits. Our extensive package includes a number of low or no cost options, our favorites can be found right here on our Careers Page.

Detailed information regarding Tecore Networks Benefits and Program will be provided during the interview process.

Centrally located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. our Headquarters are conveniently in reach to main roadways, neighborhoods and areas in which our employees choose to live – both urban and rural. Due to this convenience and the nature of our business, all our positions require employees to be present at our Hanover, Maryland office.  Our general office hours are standard, Monday through Friday position permitting.