VITA Wireless Samaritan Award

Every day more than 290,000 wireless phone calls are made to 911. The Wireless Foundation honors Americans who’ve used personal wireless technology to save lives, stop crimes, and help in emergencies with the VITA™ Wireless Samaritan Awards. The VITA award was presented to the two brothers Vernon Schumacher and Frank Deveraux for the Samaritan Award. The lifesaving communications were carried by Tecore’s award winning Network in a Box (NIB)® technology that was deployed just months prior. To read the full story on two stranded hunters in Yakutat, Alaska, please click here.

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MobileVillage Superstar Award

Emergency Response Success Story Category

Since 2001, the Mobile Star Awards program has showcased the best products in dozens of categories covering consumer mobile apps, devices, enterprise mobile solutions, enterprise success stories, and technology visionaries. The award was presented to Tecore Networks for the role it played in providing lifesaving communications in rural Alaska. For more information, please click here.

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Best Roaming Product or Service

Over-the-Air Local Prepaid Roaming Service

The GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards offer organizations across the global mobile eco-system the opportunity to showcase the latest and best mobile products, apps, services, and initiatives to the world. Tecore was presented with the Over-the-Air Local Prepaid Roaming Service Award with its Over-the-Air (OTA) Local Prepaid Roaming Service which provides an avenue to capture these potential subscribers via a dynamically allocated prepaid service profile (US Patent No. 8,649,760). OTA Local Prepaid Roaming leverages the capabilities of the existing prepaid system and SMS to allow temporary services to roaming subscribers from operators who do not have local roaming agreements in place. The benefit of OTA Local Prepaid Roaming is continuity of services to roaming users. It can be leveraged by operators in developing regions and by new operators who are still in the process of developing their roaming agreements. For more information, please click here.

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Best Radio Access Product or Service

AdaptaCell Super Capacity base station (BTS) using Adaptive Array (AA) software

As GSM continues its explosive growth, adding capacity for more subscribers, while improving their data throughput and call quality, is a major challenge, especially when additional spectrum, sites, and other scarce resources are unavailable. The Super Capacity base station is the solution for adaptive array technology available for GSM/GPRS/EDGE. For the first time in GSM, “N=1” frequency reuse is enabled, meaning every available frequency may be re-used in every cell. This product can result in a substantial improvement of coverage, call quality and data rates in urban areas. This results in better economics, contributing to GSM being made available to many more subscribers, especially in under-served, and emerging urban markets.
* – as AirNet Communications

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Best Technical Innovation

GSM infrastructure development

The award was based on Tecore’s pioneering work in GSM infrastructure development, which resulted in a commercially available Base Station Subsystem (BSS) capable of providing concentrated capacity and distributed coverage in a low-cost tiered network architecture.

This award is especially significant in that it is the first time Best Technical Innovation has been awarded for GSM infrastructure and the first time a North American company has won for any technical product. The award selection was determined by a prestigious jury representing more than 2,500 industry participants at the World Congress. GSM supported by 256 network operators in 110 countries and used by over 60 million subscribers, is the most prevalent digital wireless communications technology in the world.
* – as AirNet Communications

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ISO 9000 at Tecore Networks – Since 2002

ISO 9000 is the International Organization for Standardization’s family of standards for Quality Management Systems. The standards are intended to enhance customer satisfaction through assurance of conformity to customer and regulatory requirements, and demonstrated consistency in an organization’s ability to provide products and services. Download Tecore’s Certificate of Registration (PDF)